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line from alfred, we anticipated the study in the book and recommended you do not take a lot of alpha tocaphero you take it mixed, food is very high in gamma tacopherol and the study didn't suggest taking a blend of it. >> i'm sorry our time has expired
the establishment size of urban success. i think seeing the virtues of the idea flows saying alfred marshall was high that is not something that separates us. but i think i am less optimistic about his vision for competitiveness in the inner city and there was probably too much of an emphasis on the advantage relative to think of more game changing things to radically increase human capital in these areas. that is fundamental not trying to figure out low-volume added services with inner-city areas of how to provide the skills in connection to allow those areas to grow. then 80% of the book is saying is unrelated to michael porter score interest but certainly i share his enthusiasm and the value of connecting. >> the cover of your book has a picture of chicago? >> and stretched out. [laughter] and anybody who has been there lately know it looks amazing it is clean and parks downtown and skyscrapers than the census said they lost 200,000 people in the last 10 years which is more than they were expecting at the same time the ex urban counties away from chicago with fastest-growing in the countr
his police officers erre. >> thanking him for his service mayor daley explains jerry alfre. >> the mayor lex also praises hillard in his decision to return. rahm emanuel says says that his previous. we're all a debt of gratitude when our police and department and city need him. . >> heller told us tonight that his main goal is to primarily get the chicago police and are ready for summer it's busy ibust season. as for jody he is known for some time that his days are numbered year the department he said when his job dividend he intended to do something else but then he left it . >> falling ice from several buildings. an off-duty fire paramedic was injured when a chunk of ice fell from the water tower wil. right now in serious condition but is expected to recover. reports of falling ice from others by credit scribers that crewsky scrapers led crewso shut down streets. . >> many senate democrats and fled wisconsin's capital battle over collective bargaining what the budget speech and a mall along with wgn is tom kevin . >> this is why it's so vitally important the senate democr
of ideas flow and this is an old idea. alfred marshall was high on this idea 120 years ago. i'm less optimistic about his vision for competitiveness in the inner city. i think actually there was probably too much of an emphasis on what their current comparative advantage is relative to thinking of game-changing things and radically increase the human capital in areas. i think that's the fundamental thing. it's not figuring out how to do low value added services, but how to provide the skills and connections that enable the areas to grow. of course, there's a whole 80% of the book about things unrelated to mai coal porter's core interest, but certainly i share his enthew yasm for entrepreneurship and connecting with people in dense corridors. >> let's go over here. >> hi. the cover of your book has a picture of chicago, i think? >> it is, stretched out. >> anyone who been to chicago lately knows it looks amazing. it's clean, clean parks, and the census said chicago lost 200,000 people in the last 10 years, and at the same time, the exurban counties away from chicago were some of the f
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had a radical prostectomy for cancer are at 40% to 50%. >> yes! >> reporter: alfred, who had prostate cancer surgery, was also in the viagra studies. >> i have an erection like i was 25 again. >> reporter: his wife, sheryl, says she appreciates viagra as much as he does. >> this pill is as much for the women as it is for the men because there are a tremendous amount of macho men in this country that would never admit that they may have a problem. and there are a lot of women that are walking away from a relationship saying, you know, what did i do wrong? should i tried this? should i have done this? when in reality, it wasn't exactly their fault. >> reporter: there is one group of men who should not take viagra. namely patients taking nitrate medication, such as nitroglycerine for angina. combined with viagra they could cause a drop in blood pressure. other than that, no serious adverse reactions have been reported with viagra. a very small percent of men have had minor side effects such as headaches, facial flushes and indigestion. the vast majority of men report no side effects. we
with a master's from yale, he's also a fulbright scholar, an alfred p. sloan fellow. at chicago his main areas of study were tax policy, american industry, technology and innovation. in other words, he's a great chief economist for the president. on that note, austan, i would like to give you -- hold on -- the executive summary from the conference so far. [laughter] sorry. so the executive summary is you've got your work cut out for you. [laughter] we have had many, we have many challenges, some new, and many who took years and actually decades to be created. we started the conference with release of the nabe policy survey, and it shows that our membership believes tackling the deficit is the policy challenge of today. 87% of our members, and these are business economists, support the simpson-bowles commission recommendations. but dealing with the deficit is not going to be easy. it's actually going to be a pure heroic act. 71% of our members believe that there will be no progress on the deficit this year. on our political panel yesterday, we learned how difficult true fiscal compromise will b
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)

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